And the cards are stacked…

As I watch many feeds I see a hierarchy with one at the top, 2 below it, 4 below them, and to a massive depth. If you stare at it long enough you realize that top is held up by the activities of all of those below it. Even though they often put down, counter, and even outright accuse that top of doing anything; their day to day activities still protect that one, and go on un-hindered. Doing exactly what they are accusing the top of doing.

Without pushing the lower cards, the top card will remain steady. And since all the cards are among the same game, it will purr along well in unity towards their common goals. Some based in big money, some in world power, and so many more motives they won’t bother to tell those that they supposedly serve (rather sever).

They keep masses divided and conquered. They control the media, and adjust it quite well from their unity. And can do so forever as long as the few at the top are target, and easily protected by verbal negatives with now actual action to support what they are saying. While the masses continue to believe that this one, or that one are still for the people. NONE OF THEM ARE!

To end the game, we must play by their rules though. We must divide and conquer them. We must target all involved on any given issue.. Which will still be smaller then the whole house of cards. But enough to manage getting a significant number of them in personal damage control mode. Break their unity and we may just get back ours. Just saying…

This will be revised..