This is a paragraph while learning wp:paragraph and a little more elaborate than where I learned it (The text added instead of “paragraph” lol)

This was “Column 1” but was blank where I learned it. Now it’s this…

This was “Column 2” but now I added this too lol.

Column 1
Column 2


Well I added post content now to the experimental. Most of this default page in WordPress here atm, outside of the frontpage will use this format. But now those will have their content shown down here with whatever else is on the page such as the gallery on this one. Yeah the overall layout sux still, that will change, but for now I am getting familiar with the new majorly improved way of theming WordPress.

Over time the layout will get more useful and sections will have their own feel in various areas which I traverse… To include Internet streaming for the people, Gaming, Technology, and so much more. Keep checking and you’ll see! Thanks for checking it out.


setjmpEric Allen Griff oldschool nic….

This is a cover inside a card

This is a card inside a cover inside a card inside a lol

Column 1

This is a paragraph about Column 1. Now onto Column 2

Column 2

This is the second Column. It isn’t likely any more relevent to the picture then the first was. Believe that. And another button 😀

Column 3

This column is definitely different than the other 2. It contains a few new words and such. It will run on further than the other 2, potentially longer than both of them together. See? I told ya so, have a read and yet another button just below for your clicking pleasure.



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  • Item 2