This is a paragraph while learning wp:paragraph and a little more elaborate than where I learned it (The text added instead of “paragraph” lol)

This was “Column 1” but was blank where I learned it. Now it’s this…

This was “Column 2” but now I added this too lol.

Column 1
Column 2



Some of the gaming stuff I may make…

  • Puzzles & Survival
    Puzzles & Survival Recently on my cellphone I found this game and it’s a lot of fun when you like SIMs of the sort and group play. It’s pretty cool, and I’ve built several “toons” there already. Learning up, and it’s got a huge active community. Feel free to learn more at Here…
  • RIFT 2022
    RIFT in 2022 It’s 2022, it’s been a few years since a new Expansion, however RIFT is still alive. Gamigo does little with it, but it stands as it always has, strong and well. If you haven’t played before it’s worth a look. Soon I’ll have some guides here about it to. Check it out […]