Welcome to setjmpLabs.Co . Here the aim is to provide knowledge, IT Services, Investigative information on the world, and help nurture activism for a greater future. Where the future is Earth and the children of all species that populate it. When we are gone, they will remain. Preparing them to do better, will prepare the next better yet. While so many out there demoralize them, or worse: force them to carry out tyranny for someone else.

At the moment I have been doing a lot with the various CERT-Netsa tools, and have always been heavy on FreeBSD Unix. It’s my hopes to put more know in these areas to inspire kids and young adults to look beyond the big money bubble onwards to actual technology which is quite cost effective and available to anyone with a computer. Various bits from Elastic technologies likely to come early too 🙂

Heck, you will see my name in many places. I am not Anonymous. Though you will find I do respect a lot of the Anonymous community and definitely will stand up where a stand is needed. In the total picture, we are all individuals. In the big picture we need to serve our local communities/ways. Though we all need to unify to keep the powers that be from crowding our locals with a big picture we are forced to follow. Just saying.

This is definitely a work in progress and will be growing fast.


Eric Allen Griff (setjmp)