BURP! 3 Hour Metal Show – setjmpLabs

3 Hour Metal Show

  • 1hr Onslaught
  • 1hr Blaze
  • 1hr Cooling Winddown

The Intro

Light to heavy rift with a Welcome progression to a scream

The Onslaught

5 tracks with talk briefs between and soundbed, growing fast to some ferosity.

Then a collection of heavy for the remainder of the first hour..

The Blaze

By now progression to an hour of a mix of HEAVY tracks, brutal lyrics, and some themed message that was lightly touched on in the Onslaught.

Cooldown and Wind Down

Start curbing off to more emotional and melodic sounds, still within the boundaries of the weeks theme.. To a softer easy walk off the stage everyone back to life, but refreshed by the energy

Theme Ideas

  • Get the fuck off your knees.
  • Some lyric from some favorite
  • Some story of history, radio history
  • A current blazing tour of lesser knowns where available for help with the show.