BURP! setjmpLabs – Extensive Developer of an Online Presence for your Big Picture.


Welcome to my home. My name is Eric Allen Griff (aka setjmp) and I tend to get into everything Multimedia, Internet, Computers and Photography. I have been at it since about 1981 actually.

This site is a new development with the latest from WordPress. It’s a work in progress as I build it out to the latest WP has to offer, using the full site editing. It’s a bit of change from my past theming and practices, so as such it is a work in progress. Note, I learn new things quick when I focus on them and excel in the short to midterm.

Be sure to keep coming back, and there will be rapid change as you see. Feel free to contact me (form coming real soon) with any Web, Production, System Administration, or other Media needs you might have. If it’s something in me, I’ll go all out for the most reasonable terms we come to.

Thank you for visiting and please keep coming back to see the latest.


Eric Allen Griff (setjmp)