Hello. My name is Eric Allen Griff, and many over the years have known me as the screenname setjmp (which I still use). Note it’s properly lowercase, it means a few things, feel free to google, and see more about that. It’s a bit of where I began with computers in the 1980s.

Today, I am rebuilding everything I do to extend to full web, including social media and Multimedia deeply intertwined. My thoughts are there are many social media, but you still need to be you, and have your home solid to. Are you Facebook or Twitter? Does your brand look like Instagram? Probably not. These places are important and integral to your internet presence, but not ideal to conduct your central business function, unless you are actually them of course.

Integrating it all is the goal, and Bringing the quality of life for the masses up in the process, with your business doing what it does to aid that. If this sounds interesting, and you know your business well enough to explain it to me, I will do my best to make your website you and help you get up to speed with doing your business using the massive extent of the Information Superhighway, but still making the priority of doing what you do.

Let’s grow together. This site will expand dramatically over the weeks to come, for now I simply replaced the theme and cut down on things to just give this simple message. Keep coming back as we grow together.

Thank You,

setjmp (Eric Allen Griff)